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Request for Change RFC Template

Updated: Apr 25

Use this template to capture a proposed change and evaluate its risks and backout plan

Request for Change Template
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Change is the only constant in IT, and managing that change effectively is crucial for any organisation. Our Request For Change (RFC) template is designed to standardise and simplify the process of requesting and assessing changes in your IT environment.

RFC Template Example

What is the Purpose of the Request for Change RFC Template?

This template aims to:

  • Document Requests: Capture essential details about the change.

  • Facilitate Assessment: Assist in evaluating the impact, risks, and requirements.

  • Streamline Approvals: Make it easier for decision-makers to approve or reject changes.

Where and When to Use the RFC Template?

Ideal For:

  • Change Managers

  • IT Governance Teams

  • Business Stakeholders

When to Use:

  • Introducing new changes

  • Modifying existing services or processes

  • Assessing impact and risks

What Does it Contain?

The RFC Template comprises the following fields:

  1. Brief RFC Title: A concise title for the change.

  2. Date of Request: When the request was made.

  3. Requestor: Who is asking for the change.

  4. Document Classification: Sensitivity and scope of the document.

  5. Change ID: Unique identifier for tracking.

  6. Planned Date & Time: When the change will take place.

  7. Implementors: Teams or individuals responsible for the change.

  8. Priority: Level of urgency (High/Medium/Low).

  9. Costs: Estimated expenses involved.

  10. Justification: Rationale behind the change.

  11. Impact Analysis: Affected services and user groups.

  12. Anticipated Downtime Duration: Estimated time of service unavailability.

  13. Risk Assessment: Major risks and their mitigation plans.

  14. Testing: Confirmation if testing has been completed.

  15. Pre-Implementation Checks: Pre-implementation activity schedule.

  16. Post-Implementation Checks: Post-implementation activity schedule.

  17. Regression Plan: Reversal plan if needed.

  18. Additional Notes: Any other pertinent information.

Additional Information

  • Versatile: Can be adapted to various types of changes.

  • Comprehensive: Covers all key aspects of a change request.

Why Choose Our RFC Template?

Our RFC template serves as a comprehensive guide for documenting changes, ensuring that all relevant details are captured for thorough assessment and implementation. It's not merely a document; it's your playbook for seamless change management.


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