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Alan Parker


I've spent 30 years in IT learning what does and doesn't work.


I'm no guru, but I have made mistakes and had successes, and its all made me a better manager. I've been, there done it, got the scars and the t-shirt in practically every corner of an IT department.

A few years ago I started to get asked to mentor people more and more, and suddenly felt like they must value what I have to say. My dog certainly doesn't.

Here, I'll share the information I wish I'd had when I was starting out.

My Story.

Like many, I started my IT career with a passion for computers. I turned that into a Degree in Information Systems and found some early roles as a Help Desk support analyst in the mid-90s.

I thrived on helping resolve issues and got a real buzz from getting people from a place of frustration with their IT to a place of elation. 

As the years began to roll by, I was mentored by some great people and finally offered a role as a Help Desk Manager. From there, my teams quickly grew to include Desktop Build and 2nd Line Support. Opportunities took me to new organisations, where I continued to run teams and learn how to implement processes and projects. Informally at first, and then I started to obtain the formal qualifications in ITIL and PRINCE2. This gave me an invaluable framework.

I was starting to be recognised as A safe pair of hands for delivery and process-focused. This led to an opportunity in 2011 to start putting all I'd trained for and experienced into action more formally as an IT Governance Manager. 

Since 2016, I've been contracting and consulting. Delivering projects and helping with governance across several organisations. Each time is different, and there are no easy magic answers, but I see what works better in certain circumstances and where failure to act will end in disaster.

I'm great at taking the complex and making it simple.

I excel at avoiding pitfalls.

Simpson Family Style Photo

I live in Berkshire, United Kingdom, with my family.

I have a wife I love very much and two boys who amaze me daily in many ways.

My dog is a working cocker spaniel and the weirdest creature on this planet. He's my best friend.

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