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The following tools are free to use. 

Free IT Assessment

Are you a technology-enabled business?

An online self-assessment that helps you assess your maturity as an organisation that uses technology. Produces a tailored, multi-page PDF report with findings and suggestions on how to make improvements.

Provides a great foundation for developing an IT strategy.

Project Methodology Calculator

Not sure what the best approach is for your project?


 Answer a few questions, and get a recommendation on which method to use and why.

methodology calculator
project complexity

Project Complexity Calculator

How complex is your project, and how should you approach it?

Use the Project Complexity Calculator to assess your project's high-level risk and scale and receive recommendations on how best to manage it.

A great tool for quickly evaluating projects and ranking them against each other.

Meeting Cost Calculator

How much are your meetings costing you?

Find out with the Meeting Cost Calculator. You might be very surprised.

Meeting cost calculator
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