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Project Complexity Calculator.

How much risk is in your project? Use our complexity calculator to find out.

Rank Projects.

Evaluating numerous projects against each other to decide which ones to invest your limited time and resources in can be difficult.

By evaluating risk vs reward and finding those projects that are low risk, but high reward, you can target the greatest return on investment. The project complexity calculator helps you evaluate projects in terms of their size, nature and risk profile, helping you both rank projects and determine how to approach them.

A picture of the assessment
A picture of the assessment

Identify Risks.

Use the project complexity calculator to evlaute the risk areas of your project.

Sometimes we can overcomplicate the process of evaluating a project and its risks. While it's a crucial step, the early risk assessment should be focused on the 'big ticket' risks such as introducing untested technologies, working with new third-parties, etc.

Use the project complexity calculator to quickly assess your project and help you identify those areas that really stand out as potential risks, then use this information to help you build your risk treatment plan.

Define your approach.

Using the project complexity calculator can help guide you in how your should approach a project. 

Should you use a light weight project framework, or something much more robust?

Should you have a dedicated and experienced project manager or can it be something that a more junior and less experienced member of the team can handle.

The project complexity calculator can provide adivce based on your answers on how you should approach the delivery, and the areas to pay the greatest attention to.

A picture of the assessment
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