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Change Management Template

Updated: Apr 25

Use this template to capture a proposed change to IT services and evaluate its risks and backout plan

Change Management
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The Change Management Document serves as an authoritative guide to manage changes within a technology environment effectively. It is a structured repository containing all essential details related to a proposed change, offering a systematic approach to evaluate, approve, and implement changes.

Change Management Template for Projects Example

Purpose of the Document

This document aims to ensure that any changes are carefully examined and documented before they are implemented. It serves as a tool to analyse the various impacts of a change and aids in gaining necessary approvals, thereby increasing the likelihood of achieving project objectives.

When and Where to Use?

The Change Management Document is employed:

  • When there is a need to introduce a change in the scope, schedule, cost, or any other aspect of a project.

  • Throughout the service lifecycle to maintain the integrity of the baseline components.

Key Components

  • Change Details: Includes identification information, requestor details, and priority level.

  • Summary and Description: Provides a brief and detailed explanation of the change.

  • Justification: Explains the rationale behind proposing the change.

  • Impact Analysis: Discusses the implications in areas like technical aspects, schedule, cost, and risk.

  • Approvals: Lists the authorities required to approve the change.

  • Implementation Plan: Describes the actions and owners for executing the change.

  • Backout Plan: Outlines steps to reverse the change, if necessary.

  • Post-Implementation Review: Includes an evaluation of the change's effectiveness and lessons learned.

Additional Features

  • Structured Format: Ensures consistency and clarity by providing predefined sections for each change management aspect.

  • Risk Mitigation: Assesses and prepares for any risks related to the change.

  • Accountability: Assigns ownership for each action, making team members accountable for their responsibilities.

Why Opt for this Change Management Template?

  • Comprehensive: Allows for an end-to-end management of change requests.

  • Transparent: Ensures all stakeholders are aware of what is changing, why, and what the impacts will be.

  • Efficient: Streamlines the change management process, saving time and resources.

For project managers and teams, this Change Management Template is an invaluable resource that ensures changes are not just reactive but proactive and well-managed, contributing positively to the service's success.


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