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Major Incident Status Update

Updated: Apr 25

Standard template for capturing information during a major incident and communicating it to stakeholders.

Major Incident Status Update
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This is the digital summary page for the Major Incident Status Update, a template designed to inform stakeholders about significant IT incidents that could impact operations.

Major Incident Status Update Example

Purpose of the Major Incident Status Update

The Major Incident Status Update aims to ensure transparency and regular communication with stakeholders during an IT incident.

It provides critical details such as impact, severity, actions taken, and the next steps towards resolution.

Where and When to Use the Major Incident Status Update

This template is suitable for use across various departments within an organisation, particularly those involved in IT and customer service.

It is especially valuable during unplanned outages or major system failures to maintain communication and set expectations.

Additional Information

The Major Incident Status Update template is broken down into several key sections:

  • Incident Overview: Provides a quick snapshot of the incident, including impact and severity.

  • Actions Taken: Lists what steps have been done to address the issue.

  • Next Steps: Outlines the planned course of action and timeline for resolution.

  • Estimated Resolution Time: Gives an estimated time for resolving the incident, if available.

  • Additional Information: Any other relevant details or context.

Why Use the Major Incident Status Update?

  1. Transparency: Keeps all relevant parties informed about the incident status.

  2. Accountability: Establishes a record of actions taken and next steps.

  3. Efficiency: Facilitates quicker response and resolution by making sure everyone is on the same page.

  4. Risk Mitigation: Helps in managing stakeholder expectations and reducing the operational risks associated with major incidents.

  5. Professionalism: Demonstrates a structured approach to crisis management, enhancing organisational credibility.

The Major Incident Status Update is an indispensable tool for any organisation that aims to manage IT incidents with clarity, professionalism, and operational excellence.


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