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Knowledge Base Article Template

Updated: Apr 26

Template for capturing knowledge from staff in a standard format.

Knowledge Article Template
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This digital summary encapsulates the structure and components of a Knowledge Article Template designed for IT support staff and end-users. These articles serve as a guide to troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve IT issues effectively.

knowledge base article template example

Purpose of the Knowledge Article

The Knowledge Base Article Template aims to standardise the dissemination of troubleshooting guidelines for various IT-related problems. It's a quick reference guide that provides actionable steps to resolve specific issues.

Key Elements of the Knowledge Base Article Template

  1. Title: A succinct and descriptive headline indicating the subject of the article.

  2. Category and Subcategory: Classifies the article according to the relevant topic and sub-topic.

  3. Last Update & Version: Shows when the article was last updated and its current version.

  4. Keywords: Allows for easy search and indexing.

Body of the Article

  1. Problem Statement: Outlines the issue that the end-user may encounter.

  2. Symptoms: Lists signs or indicators that suggest the specific issue.

  3. Root Cause: Explains the underlying issue, if known.

  4. Resolution/Workaround: Offers a step-by-step guide to solve the problem.

  5. Additional Notes: Provides any supplementary information relevant to the resolution or workaround.

  6. References: Cites external sources or other articles that contribute to the content.

Authorship and Review

  • Author: Usually an IT Help Desk staff member responsible for composing the article.

  • Reviewed By: Another IT Help Desk staff member who verifies the content for accuracy.

Utility of the Knowledge Article

  1. Efficiency: Speeds up problem diagnosis and resolution.

  2. Standardisation: Ensures uniform guidelines across the board.

  3. Knowledge Sharing: Serves as a repository of resolved issues for future reference.

  4. User Empowerment: Enables end-users to resolve simple issues on their own.

Additional Information

Knowledge Articles are critical tools in an IT management strategy, helping organisations streamline their IT support by offering staff and users a self-service resource for troubleshooting common issues. They are dynamic documents that should be reviewed and updated regularly to maintain accuracy and relevance.


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