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Help Desk Performance Metrics Examples

Summarises the key metrics that can be used to summarise performance fo the help desk.

Help Desk Performance Metrics Template
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Purpose & Scope

The Help Desk Performance Metrics document outlines the key performance indicators (KPIs) for evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of a help desk or support service. The metrics aim to improve customer experience and operational efficiency.

Help Desk Performance Metrics Example

Key Components of Help Desk Performance Metrics Examples

Metrics & Targets

  • Tickets Opened: Total number of tickets opened within a specified period.

  • Tickets Closed: Total number of resolved or closed tickets.

  • First Call Resolution (FCR): Percentage of issues resolved on the first contact; target is ≥ 75%.

  • Average Handling Time (AHT): Time taken to resolve a ticket; target is ≤ 15 mins.

  • Ticket Backlog: Open tickets at period end; target is 0.

  • Escalation Rate: Tickets escalated to a higher team; target is ≤ 10%.

  • Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT): User satisfaction ratings; target is ≥ 8.

  • Response Time: Time to first respond to a ticket; target is ≤ 5 mins.

  • Resolution SLA Compliance: Tickets resolved within SLA; target is ≥ 90%.

  • Agent Utilisation: Working hours spent on tickets; target is between 60%-80%.

Additional Insights

  • Tickets by Category: Useful for identifying trends or areas requiring attention.

  • Top 5 Recurring Issues: Key problems that need to be prioritised for training or systemic fixes.

Tips for Use

  • Adjust Targets: These are adjustable based on your help desk's unique needs and capabilities.

  • Data Visualization: Graphs or charts can be used for a more visual interpretation of the metrics.

  • Automation: Use ITSM software for automated data collection when possible.

How to Use

These Help Desk Performance Metric examples serve as a tool for continuous improvement, designed to enhance the customer experience and streamline help desk operations.

The metrics should be regularly reviewed and adjusted as needed to align with organisational goals and customer expectations.


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