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Communications Plan Template

The Communication Plan template guides you through creation of a structured approach to project comms

Communications Plan
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Our Communications Plan Template is essential to facilitate effective and efficient communication within your project teams and stakeholders. Designed to work with your project’s unique needs, it is a roadmap for how, when, and with whom to communicate.

example of communications plan

What is the Purpose of the Communications Plan Template?

The Communications Plan Template aims to outline a structured approach for disseminating crucial project information.

It ensures that everyone involved— from the project team to the client to advisory roles like IT security— knows what to expect, where to find information, and how to provide feedback. This improves project transparency, stakeholder engagement, and overall project success.

Where and When to Use the Communications Plan Template?

The Communications Plan Template is versatile and can be utilised across various project stages and scenarios:

  • During the planning phase to set expectations.

  • Throughout the project to guide ongoing communications.

  • At project closure for reviews and audits.

What's Inside?

The Communications Plan Template is replete with key sections for a well-rounded communication strategy:

  • Objectives: Explains the aim and significance of your communication plan.

  • Stakeholders & Roles: Lists the different stakeholders, their roles, and their communication needs and preferences.

  • Communication Matrix: Outlines the types, objectives, audience, frequency, and other details for each kind of communication.

  • Communication Guidelines: Sets rules for emergency situations, document storage, and feedback mechanisms.

  • Schedule: Provides a timeline for various types of communication.

  • Approval & Review: Specifies the plan's approval process and review schedule.

Additional Information

  • Customisable: Easily adapt the template to the needs of your project.

  • User-Friendly: Comes in a format that is easy to fill out and follow.

  • Secure: Suitable for various document classification levels, from public to classified to internal use only.

Why Choose Our Communications Plan Template?

  • Efficient: Helps you save time by providing a pre-established framework.

  • Comprehensive: Ensures that you cover all bases in terms of who needs to know what, when, and how.

  • Consistent: Maintains uniformity in the way you communicate across projects or even within different phases of a single project.

  • Best Practices: Built on industry standards to ensure effective and compliant communications.

Our Communications Plan Template is a one-stop solution for establishing a well-defined communication strategy, helping your projects run smoothly.


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