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Business Analysis


How to calculate
How to use it
Requirements Completeness
Requirements Documentation
Percentage of requirements documented or identified
Measure completeness of requirements gathering process
Requirements Stability
Change Tracking Logs
Frequency of changes to requirements
Assess stability of requirements throughout project lifecycle
Requirements Traceability
Traceability Matrix
Percentage of requirements traced to business objectives
Ensure alignment of requirements with business objectives
Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder Surveys
Level of involvement and satisfaction of stakeholders
Measure level of stakeholder engagement and satisfaction
Business Value
Business Impact Assessments
Value added to the business by implementing requirements
Assess potential impact and value of requirements
Requirements Prioritisation
Prioritisation Matrix
Ranking or scoring of requirements based on importance
Prioritise requirements based on business value and urgency
Requirements Elicitation Efficiency
Elicitation Effectiveness Reports
Percentage of successful elicitation sessions
Measure efficiency of requirements elicitation process
Business Process Improvement
Business Process Metrics
Impact of requirements on improving business processes
Measure effectiveness of requirements in process improvement
Requirements Consistency
Requirements Documentation
Degree of consistency between different requirements
Ensure consistency and coherence across requirements
Requirements Volatility
Change Tracking Logs
Frequency of changes to requirements
Assess volatility and manageability of requirements
Business Impact Analysis
Impact Assessment Reports
Analysis of potential impact of requirements on business
Assess potential consequences of requirements implementation
Requirements Quality
Requirements Reviews
Quality score of documented requirements
Ensure completeness and accuracy of requirements documentation
Requirements Alignment
Requirements Documentation
Alignment of requirements with organisational goals
Ensure alignment of requirements with organisational objectives
Requirements Reusability
Requirements Repository
Percentage of requirements suitable for reuse
Promote reuse and efficiency in requirements development
Requirements Acceptance
Stakeholder Acceptance Reports
Percentage of requirements accepted by stakeholders
Ensure acceptance and approval of requirements by stakeholders
Requirements Change Impact
Change Impact Assessment
Analysis of impact of proposed changes to requirements
Assess potential consequences of changes to requirements
Requirements Dependency
Dependency Mapping
Analysis of dependencies between different requirements
Identify and manage dependencies within requirements
Requirements Documentation Quality
Documentation Reviews
Quality score of requirements documentation
Ensure completeness and accuracy of requirements documentation
Requirements Validation
Requirements Validation Reports
Validation of requirements against business needs
Ensure requirements meet business needs and objectives
Requirements Review Efficiency
Review Effectiveness Reports
Efficiency of requirements review and validation process
Measure effectiveness and efficiency of requirements review
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