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Supplier Management


How to calculate
How to use it
Supplier Flexibility
Supplier assessments, performance reports
Supplier's ability to meet changing requirements
Assess the adaptability of suppliers to changing business needs
Audit Compliance Rate
Audit reports, compliance checks
Percentage of suppliers that pass audits based on compliance and standards
Ensure suppliers adhere to legal and regulatory requirements
Supplier Relationship Longevity
Supplier contracts, relationship records
Average duration of relationships with suppliers
Measure the stability and sustainability of supplier relationships
Supplier Quality Rating
Quality control reports, customer surveys
Quality ratings based on defect rates and customer feedback
Monitor and ensure the quality of products and services provided by suppliers
Return on Investment (ROI) from Suppliers
Financial analysis, ROI calculations
Net benefits received divided by the total cost associated with the supplier
Evaluate the financial returns on the engagements with suppliers
Supplier Integration with Business Processes
IT systems reviews, process audits
Degree of integration of supplier systems with business processes
Assess how seamlessly suppliers' systems and processes integrate with those of the organization
Percentage of Sustainable Suppliers
Sustainability assessments, reports
Percentage of suppliers meeting sustainability criteria
Promote environmental responsibility by measuring suppliers' adherence to sustainability standards
Supplier Exit Strategy Effectiveness
Exit strategy reviews, feedback forms
Effectiveness rating of strategies for transitioning away from suppliers
Plan and evaluate the effectiveness of exit strategies for minimizing disruptions
Supplier Development Programs Success Rate
Development program reports
Success rate of programs aimed at improving supplier performance
Measure the effectiveness of initiatives designed to enhance supplier capabilities
Percentage of Suppliers Under Improvement Plans
Performance trackers, review meetings
Percentage of suppliers currently undergoing performance improvement plans
Manage suppliers needing improvement to ensure service delivery standards are met
Supplier Performance Score
Supplier scorecards, performance reviews
Based on a composite index of service quality, delivery time, and response to issues
Evaluate and monitor overall supplier performance to ensure alignment with business objectives
Compliance with SLAs
Contract management systems, SLA reports
Percentage of service level agreements met
Assess the reliability of suppliers in meeting contractual obligations
Supplier Risk Level
Risk assessments, financial reports
Risk rating based on financial health, dependency, and strategic importance
Manage and mitigate risks associated with suppliers
Cost Efficiency
Financial reports, budgets
Comparison of actual costs to budgeted amounts for supplier services
Monitor and control the cost-effectiveness of suppliers
On-time Delivery Rate
Delivery reports, performance trackers
Percentage of deliveries that meet agreed timelines
Measure the punctuality of suppliers in delivering goods and services
Supplier Innovation Contribution
Supplier meetings, innovation reports
Number of innovative solutions provided by suppliers
Evaluate the contribution of suppliers to improving products and services through innovation
Number of Supplier Disputes
Dispute logs, legal reports
Total number of disputes with suppliers over a period
Monitor and address issues in supplier relationships
Resolution Time for Supplier Issues
Issue logs, performance reviews
Average time taken to resolve issues with suppliers
Assess the efficiency of problem-solving processes with suppliers
Supplier Collaboration Effectiveness
Project reviews, feedback forms
Effectiveness rating of joint projects and initiatives
Evaluate how well the organization and its suppliers work together on shared goals
Percentage of Critical Suppliers
Supplier evaluations, strategy documents
Percentage of suppliers categorized as critical
Identify and manage the dependencies on key suppliers
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