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Service Level Agreement Template

Updated: Apr 26

Capture your service levels in a standard format.

SLA Template
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Welcome to our Service Level Agreement (SLA) Template digital download page. This template is a practical guide for defining the terms and conditions between a Service Provider and a Customer.

example SLA

What is the Purpose of the SLA Template?

This SLA template aims to establish a mutual understanding between the Service Provider and the Customer regarding performance expectations, service levels, and responsibilities of both parties.

It covers key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, incident response times, and other important service details.

Where and When to Use a Service Level Agreement Template?

The SLA template should be used prior to the initiation of any service, to lay the groundwork for performance and service level expectations. It sets the stage for effective service delivery and dispute resolution, should there be any non-compliance. It is also designed to be reviewed annually or as often as needed.

What's Inside? Additional Information

  • Agreement Overview: Outlines the purpose and scope of the SLA.

  • Service Scope: Details the services provided.

  • Metrics & KPIs: Defines key performance indicators and service level objectives (SLOs).

  • Incident Response & Resolution Times: Specifies how incidents will be prioritised and resolved.

  • Hours & Channels of Support: Provides contact details for different levels of support.

  • Exceptions & Change Management: Explains protocols for holiday periods and scheduled maintenance.

  • Responsibilities: Details the responsibilities of the Service Provider and the Customer.

  • Reporting & Service Review Meetings: Explains how and when performance will be reviewed.

  • Appendices: Includes a glossary of terms and key contacts.

Why Choose Our SLA Template?

  1. Comprehensive: Covers all aspects of service levels, from KPIs to incident responses.

  2. Adaptable: Can be tailored to meet specific needs.

  3. Clarity: Designed to clarify and formalise the relationship between the Service Provider and the Customer.

  4. Legal Precautions: Although not a legally binding document, it can be adapted and reviewed by legal experts for formal agreements.

Note: It is important to consult a legal expert if this template will serve as the basis for any contractual agreement.


About the author

Hi, I'm Alan, and have been working within the IT sector for over 30 years.

For the last 15 years, I've focused on IT Governance, Information Security, Projects and Service Management across various styles of organisations and markets.

I hold a degree in Information Systems, ITIL Expert certificate, PRINCE2 Practitioner and CISMP (Information Security Management).


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