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Project Scoring Criteria

Updated: Apr 26

Helps you score a project in terms of complexity & risk against simple criteria.

Project Scoring Table
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The project scoring criteria is designed to help project managers, stakeholders, and teams evaluate the complexity of a given project.

The assessment takes into account multiple facets of a project, from scope and impact to technology and resource requirements.

Each category is rated on a scale of 1 (Low), 3 (Medium), or 5 (High).

Project scoring criteria example

How to Use The Project Scoring Criteria

For each category, select a score that best describes the project's complexity in that aspect. The sum of the scores calculates the Total Complexity Score.

Categories and Project Scoring Criteria

Project Size

  • Simple (1): Changes to existing processes or technologies.

  • Moderate (3): Introduction of new solutions or processes without disruption.

  • Complex (5): Replacement of existing technologies, multiple dependencies.

Project Scope

  • Small Team/Customer (1): Impacts only a small team or a single customer.

  • Internal Stakeholders (3): Many internal stakeholders but not customers.

  • Many Customers (5): Involves many customers and stakeholders, potentially across offices.

End User Impact

  • Unnoticeable (1): End users unlikely to notice any change.

  • Minimal (3): Minimal visible change; some awareness but no in-depth re-training required.

  • Major (5): Major training, documentation, and communication required.

Technologies Used

  • Simple Upgrade (1): Simple upgrade or no technology required.

  • Well Understood (3): Technology is well understood but new to the organisation.

  • New Technology (5): A new technology, not widely used, high training or external support required.


  • Existing Suppliers (1): Delivered using existing suppliers and solutions.

  • New Products (3): Existing suppliers but new products and terms.

  • New Supplier (5): New supplier and contracts.


  • Phased Migration (1): Users can migrate in phases, no major cut-over.

  • Mixed Approach (3): Groups of users could be transferred to new technology in batches.

  • Major Cut-Over (5): Existing solution turned off, new solution turned on.

Capital Costs (Setup)

  • Up to £10,000 (1)

  • £11,000 to £69,000 (3)

  • £70,000+ (5)

Operating Costs (On-Going)

  • Up to £10,000 (1)

  • £11,000 to £69,000 (3)

  • £70,000+ (5)

Resource Requirements

  • Internal Only (1)

  • Minimal External (3)

  • Major External Dependencies (5)

Project Duration

  • Up to 1 Month (1)

  • 2 to 5 Months (3)

  • More Than 5 Months (5)


  • Specify any other criteria relevant to your project

The total score can serve as a general guide for stakeholders to understand the complexity and resource requirements of the project.


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