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Project Plan Template

Updated: Apr 26

A comprehensive roadmap of the goals, scope, timelines, resources, budget, risks, and governance of a project.

Project Plan
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The Project Plan serves as a comprehensive roadmap for a project, outlining its goals, scope, timelines, resources, and governance. It serves to align stakeholder expectations and establish communication protocols.

Project plan example

Key Components of The Project Plan Template

Leadership & Roles

  • Sponsor: The key decision-maker who funds and supports the project.

  • Project Manager: Responsible for planning, execution, and closing of the project.

Objectives & Timelines

  • Purpose: Defines the overarching goals of the project.

  • Scope: Specifies what is in and out of the project's purview.

  • Phases & Schedule: Outlines the timeline, often visualized through a Gantt chart.

Resources & Budget

  • Human Resources: Lists roles, names, and responsibilities.

  • Material Resources: Details required equipment and quantities.

  • Budget: Itemizes estimated and actual costs per project phase.

Risks & Communication

  • Risk Management: Identifies risks, their probability, impact, and mitigation strategies.

  • Communication Plan: Defines the audience, frequency, and method of communication.

Quality & Changes

  • Quality Management: Sets standards and control methods for project quality.

  • Change Control Process: Explains how changes to the project will be managed, from identification to implementation.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Stakeholder Management: Lists stakeholders, their interests, influence, and engagement strategies.

Monitoring & Reporting

  • Monitoring: Describes how project progress will be tracked using KPIs and specific metrics.

  • Reporting: Lays out the reporting structure, including the frequency and types of reports to be produced.

Project Closure & Approvals

  • Project Closure: Details the criteria and process for formally closing the project.

  • Approvals: Specifies the method for obtaining stakeholder approvals.

Supporting Documents

May include appendices with supplementary material like charts, references, or additional documentation.

How to Use

This project plan template should be consulted by all project stakeholders to align expectations, guide activities, and facilitate decision-making.

It is a living document that may be updated as the project evolves.


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