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Project Charter Template

Updated: Feb 2

The Project Charter template defines a project's vision, scope, objectives, and overall direction.

Project Charter
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The Project Charter serves as the foundational document for a project, defining its vision, scope, objectives, and overall direction. It grants the project manager the authority to use organisational resources and acts as a contract between the sponsor and the project team.

Project charter example

Key Components

Leadership & Roles

  • Sponsor: Provides sponsorship and high-level oversight.

  • Project Manager: Leads the project and has authority over organisational resources.

Objectives & Justification

  • Purpose & Justification: Explains why the project is initiated, including problems or opportunities it aims to address.

  • Objectives: Listed as OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to provide measurable success criteria.

Scope & Constraints

  • In Scope: Specifies what the project includes.

  • Out of Scope: Outlines what is not part of the project.

  • Constraints: Lists known limitations like time, budget, or resources.

Assumptions & Risks

  • Assumptions: Outlines planning and execution premises.

  • Key Risks: Describes the likelihood and mitigation strategies for potential risks.


  • Project Budget: Details the cost structures for various phases and types of expenses.


  • Stakeholder List: Specifies the roles and interests of key stakeholders involved in the project.

Project Timeline

  • Project Phases: Describes key activities and timelines across different phases like Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Control, and Closure.


  • Outlines the method for obtaining approvals from critical stakeholders such as the project sponsor.

How to Use

The Project Charter template is a guiding document for decision-making throughout the project life cycle.

It should be referenced by all stakeholders to ensure that everyone has a shared understanding of the project's purpose, scope, and success criteria.


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