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Problem Management Process

Updated: May 31

A problem management process with key steps, roles & responsibilities

Problem Management Process
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Welcome to the digital download page for our Problem Management Process Template.

Designed for organisations striving for operational excellence, this template provides a structured methodology for effectively identifying, assessing, and resolving problems in an IT environment.

An example of problem management process

What is the Purpose of the Problem Management Process Template?

The primary objective of this template is to streamline and standardise the problem management process.

It helps organisations diagnose and resolve problems efficiently, reducing downtime and improving service quality.

Where and When to Use the Problem Management Process Template?

This template can be employed across different departments and sectors but is especially beneficial for IT departments, customer service centres, and technical support teams.

It's applicable for both reactive and proactive problem management and is essential for organisations looking to improve their service reliability and customer satisfaction.

What's Inside? Additional Information

Our Problem Management Process Template features the following sections:

  • Step-by-Step Process: Including problem identification, logging, categorisation & prioritisation, investigation & diagnosis, resolution, knowledge base updates, and closure.

  • Roles and Responsibilities: Typical R&Rs; Covering Helpdesk Staff, Help Desk Manager/Team Leader, Technical Support Staff, and Problem Manager roles, outlining their respective responsibilities in the process.

Why Choose Our Problem Management Process Template?

  1. Holistic Approach: Addresses both proactive and reactive problem management.

  2. User-Friendly Design: Easy to follow, enabling quicker staff training and onboarding.

  3. Flexibility: Adaptable to various organisational needs and sectors.

  4. Accountability: Clearly defined roles and responsibilities ensure everyone knows their part, aiding compliance and governance.

  5. Efficiency: Designed to minimise problem resolution times and reduce the impact on end-users.

Our Problem Management Process Template is a comprehensive guide that empowers your organisation to manage problems efficiently and effectively, thereby enhancing service quality and reducing operational costs.


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