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Post Implementation Report Template

Used After a Change To Evaluate Success

Post Implementation Report
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The journey is far from over when your change crosses the finish line. The Post-Implementation Report offers you an invaluable debrief, providing insights into what worked, what didn't, and how to perfect your approach in future projects.

Example of post implementation report template

What is the Purpose of a Post-Implementation Report Template?

This crucial document serves to:

  • Assess Outcomes: Gauge the success of the implemented changes against planned objectives and deliverables.

  • Identify Lessons: Learn from both the triumphs and pitfalls encountered during implementation.

  • Drive Improvement: Shape future strategies and processes based on real-world experience.

  • Ensure Accountability: Assign follow-up actions to responsible parties.

  • Facilitate Governance: Help in auditing and compliance by documenting changes and outcomes.

Where and When to Use a Post-Implementation Report?

Ideal For:

  • Reviewing Success of Changes

  • Concluding IT Projects

  • IT Governance Reviews

  • Post-implementation Audits

  • Process Improvements

When to Use:

  • After the completion of any IT change

  • Following the conclusion of key project phases

  • For post-project reviews and audits

What's Inside?

The Post-Implementation Report Template includes:

  1. Executive Summary: A brief on the change, key objectives, and the overall outcome.

  2. Timeline: Compares estimated vs actual implementation time, and notes any delays.

  3. Benefits & Issues: Documents whether the change achieved its expected benefits and any issues encountered.

  4. Lessons Learned: A section dedicated to insights for future implementations.

  5. Follow-up Actions: Clearly assigns any next steps to respective owners, along with due dates.

Additional Information

  • Related RFC: The Report connects to your Request for Change (RFC) for seamless correlation.

  • Compliance: The Report aids in maintaining a record for compliance and auditing purposes.

Why Choose Our Post-Implementation Report?

Our Post-Implementation Report isn't just a wrap-up—it's your guide to continually optimising your IT operations.

By turning every change into a learning experience, we help you build a roadmap to perpetual improvement.


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