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IT Help Desk Strategy Template

Updated: Apr 26

A template that walks you through the creation of a strategy.

Strategy Template
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The Help Desk Strategy aims to deliver excellent customer service by outlining the current state, vision, and objectives for the help desk.

It serves as a roadmap for enhancing customer interactions, operational efficiency, and technological innovation. The help desk is instrumental in supporting the organisation's products/services and customer base.

Help desk strategy template

Current State


  • Staff numbers, roles, and hours of operation

  • Time zones served and any special considerations

Service Metrics

  • Includes KPIs such as average resolution time, FCR rate, and customer satisfaction scores

  • Uses historical data to identify areas for improvement

Technology & Tools

  • Details current technology like software, communication channels, and knowledge management systems

  • Assesses effectiveness and limitations

Vision & Objectives

Vision Statement

  • Aims to encapsulate the ideal future state of the help desk

Strategic Objectives

  • Focus on what's important.

Delivery Plan

Initiatives & Projects

  • Training, process improvements, and technology implementations

Timeline & Milestones

  • Establishes a timeline considering potential challenges and dependencies

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Defines roles and ownership for each initiative or project to ensure accountability and progress tracking.

Measures / Key Results


  • KPIs such as reduced resolution time, improved FCR rate, and increased CSAT scores

Monitoring & Reporting

  • A system to track and report KPIs, including the frequency and responsible parties for sharing updates

How to Use The Help Desk Strategy Template

This strategy serves as a comprehensive guide for the help desk team to improve their service quality and operational efficiency.

Regular monitoring and updates are crucial for ensuring its success.


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