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Incident Management Policy

Updated: Apr 21

Helps layout expectations and guidance around the Incident Management Process for staff.

Incident Management Policy
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The Incident Management Policy is a crucial document that outlines how an organisation identifies, handles, and resolves incidents affecting its IT systems, services, and infrastructure. The goal is to maintain operational efficiency and security, thereby ensuring compliance with industry regulations and best practices.

Incident management policy example

What is the Purpose of the Incident Management Policy Template?

This template serves as a framework for creating a tailored Incident Management Policy for your organisation. It aims to provide guidelines for minimising the impact of incidents on operations, restoring service levels swiftly, and ensuring that compliance measures are followed.

Where and When to Use the Incident Management Policy Template?

This template is ideal for organisations with a focus on IT governance, security, and operational efficiency. It should be used when establishing or updating the incident management protocols. Regular reviews are recommended to keep the policy up-to-date.

What's Inside?

  • Purpose & Scope: Defines the objectives and applicability of the policy.

  • Definitions: Explains key terms like 'Incident,' 'Major Incident,' and 'Stakeholders.'

  • Incident Management Process: Steps from recording the incident to closure, including categorisation and resolution.

  • Prioritisation Method: A matrix for determining incident priority based on impact and urgency.

  • Major Incident Management Process: A detailed guide for handling major incidents.

  • Roles & Responsibilities: Explains the roles of IT Helpdesk, Help Desk Manager, IT Support Personnel, Major Incident Manager, and Senior Management.

  • Stakeholder Communication: Describes the methods used for keeping stakeholders informed.

  • Confidentiality: Protocols for handling sensitive information.

  • Compliance & Policy Review: Explains the necessity of adherence to the policy and its review cycle.

Additional Information

  • Incident Review and Continuous Improvement: The policy includes guidelines for quarterly reviews and in-depth post-mortems following major incidents.

  • Target Resolution Times: Defines response and resolution times based on incident priority levels.

Why Choose Our Incident Management Policy Template?

Our template is comprehensive and follows best practices in IT governance and security. It ensures that you have a structured approach to dealing with both regular and major incidents, thereby helping to maintain operational integrity and comply with relevant regulations.


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