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Incident Management Categories List

Updated: May 31

Helps summarise the way in which incidents can be categorised.

Categories List
Download XLSX • 25KB

This downloadable template is a vital tool for IT professionals, service managers, and consultants focusing on incident management in IT settings. It serves as a foundational framework for categorising incidents, thereby facilitating trend analysis and data-driven decision-making.

Incident management categories list

What is the Purpose an Incident Management Categories List?

The Incident Management Categories List Template aims to standardise the way incidents are categorised. This enables better configuration of incident management tools and offers a systematic approach to trend analysis.

Where and When to Use this Template?

This template can be employed in various situations such as:

  • Initial setup or reconfiguration of an incident management tool.

  • Periodic review of incident categories and subcategories.

  • Quality assurance and governance in IT settings.

What's Inside?

Contained in the template are the following fields:

  • Category: For providing a clear name for each category of incident (e.g., Network Issue, Software Bug).

  • Subcategory: Allows for further detailing of the type of incident within a category (e.g., Connection Loss, Authentication Failure).

  • 'Other' Subcategory: Always included to cover incidents that don't fit easily into predefined categories.

Additional Information

  • Flexibility: The template is designed to be adaptable to various IT environments and can be customised as needed.

  • Instructions: It includes guidance on how to fill in each field effectively for better data analysis and reporting.

Why Choose Our Template?

  • Efficiency: It simplifies the process of incident classification, saving time during incident resolution.

  • Clarity: Using a standardised list ensures that staff across different roles and departments speak the same 'language' when discussing incidents.

  • Analytical Value: Designed with trend analysis in mind, this template facilitates deeper insights into the incident landscape.

  • Quality Control: Helps maintain consistency and quality in how incidents are managed and analysed.

This Incident Management Categories List Template is your key to a more organised, insightful, and effective incident management process.


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