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Immersing the Help Desk in the Business

Bridging the Gap: Why Help Desk Staff Should Immerse Themselves in Business Units

Ensuring that your help desk staff have a comprehensive understanding of the various departments they support is crucial.

By proactively sending help desk members to observe and engage with these teams, you can build stronger relationships, facilitate more effective support, and improve overall business efficiency.

I want to briefly delve into the benefits of embedding help desk staff within the business units they support and offer suggestions for overcoming potential resistance.

Building Understanding and Strengthening Relationships

One key advantage of this approach is that it enables help desk staff to gain a first-hand understanding of various teams' workflows, responsibilities, and challenges.

For example, sitting with the Finance team during high-pressure periods such as month-end or year-end closings will enable the help desk analyst to appreciate better the importance of timely support for critical applications and services. This, in turn, can lead to improved response times and a more empathetic approach to problem-solving.

Enhancing Knowledge and Skills

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In addition to fostering better understanding, getting out into the business units also offers valuable opportunities for skill development. By observing and engaging with different teams, help desk staff can expand their knowledge of the tools and processes used within the business. They can then share this information with their colleagues, helping to build a more knowledgeable and capable support team. Moreover, these interactions may uncover previously unknown issues or pain points, allowing the help desk to address them proactively.

Addressing Resistance and Encouraging Collaboration

While some teams may welcome the opportunity to collaborate with help desk staff, others might be hesitant due to concerns about added workload or disruption to their daily routine. To overcome this resistance, it is essential to emphasise the mutual benefits of this approach.

Frame the experience as an informal, low-pressure opportunity for open dialogue and knowledge sharing. Make it clear that this is not a formal training session or presentation but rather a chance to gain insight and foster better working relationships between teams.

Ultimately, integrating help desk staff into the business units they support benefits the help desk team and the entire organisation. A more knowledgeable and empathetic support team can lead to faster resolution of issues, increased user satisfaction, and a better understanding of the needs of the business. In addition, by approaching this process with openness, patience, and an emphasis on collaboration, you can create an environment where all parties feel heard, understood, and supported.


About the author

Hi, I'm Alan, and have been working within the IT sector for over 30 years.

For the last 15 years, I've focused on IT Governance, Information Security, Projects and Service Management across various styles of organisations and markets.

I hold a degree in Information Systems, ITIL Expert certificate, PRINCE2 Practitioner and CISMP (Information Security Management).


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