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Service Desk Professional Development

Updated: Apr 26

Ongoing Professional Development

If you aren't developing your Help Desk staff, you're failing them, the team and the organisation in getting the best from them. In my experience, most analysts are incredibly hungry for knowledge. It's controlling that in a constructive way that becomes the challenge. We can't always give people the career progression they would like, but we can progress their skillset, both in terms of soft skills and technical skills.

Help Desk Analyst Training Courses

Here are some examples of the typical training I've seen over the years that people seem to value.

CompTIA A+: This certification covers foundational IT skills, such as troubleshooting, networking, and hardware maintenance. It is widely recognised in the industry and is an excellent starting point for helpdesk analysts looking to demonstrate their technical competency.

CompTIA Network+: This certification focuses on networking concepts and skills, including network installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. It is a suitable certification for helpdesk analysts who deal with network-related issues.

Microsoft Certified: Modern Desktop Administrator Associate: This certification demonstrates proficiency in managing, securing, and monitoring Windows devices. It's a relevant certification for helpdesk analysts working in organisations using Windows devices.

Apple Certified Support Professional (ACSP): This certification is geared towards support professionals who manage and troubleshoot macOS systems. It is a valuable certification for helpdesk analysts in organisations that use Apple devices.

ITIL Foundation: The ITIL Foundation certification provides a solid understanding of IT service management (ITSM) best practices. It is relevant for helpdesk analysts working in organisations that adhere to ITIL or similar ITSM frameworks.

HDI Support Center Analyst (HDI-SCA): This certification focuses on best practices for customer service and support centres. It is designed for helpdesk analysts looking to improve their customer service skills and demonstrate their commitment to providing high-quality support.

Help Desk Manager & Team Leader Courses

ITIL Intermediate and Expert Levels: Building upon the ITIL Foundation, these advanced courses provide in-depth knowledge of IT service management, allowing managers to optimise help desk operations and better align them with the organisation's objectives.

HDI Support Center Manager: This certification, offered by HDI (Help Desk Institute), is specifically designed for help desk managers. It focuses on leadership, strategy, operations, and performance management to help managers develop and maintain high-performing support centres.

Project Management Training: Courses like Project Management Professional (PMP) or PRINCE2 provide help desk managers with project management methodologies and best practices, enabling them to lead projects more effectively and meet organisational goals.

Leadership and Management Training: Help desk managers can benefit from leadership, team building, and personnel management courses. Consider programs like The Leadership Challenge or The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to develop and refine essential management skills. As previously mentioned, Situational Leadership II has been invaluable for me.

Agile and Scrum Training: As more organisations adopt agile methodologies, help desk managers may find value in agile and scrum training programs. These courses can help managers better understand and implement agile practices within their teams and throughout the organisation, especially in developing software.

IT Security Courses: Advanced IT security courses, such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), can help managers develop a more comprehensive understanding of IT security and risk management, ensuring that their teams are well-equipped to handle security-related issues. This is something I took many years ago and has been incredibly beneficial.


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