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Comms: Known Bug or Issue Template

Updated: Feb 2

Standard template for communicating known issues details and workarounds to stakeholders.

Known Bug or Issue Template
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In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, bugs and issues are unavoidable. Our Known Bug or Issue Notification Template is designed to help you communicate these issues transparently and efficiently with your stakeholders.

Known bug or issue template example

What is the Purpose of the Known Bug or Issue Notification Template?

This template serves to:

  • Inform Stakeholders: Quickly notify users and stakeholders about any known bugs or issues that might affect their experience.

  • Provide Workarounds: Offer immediate, practical solutions that allow users to continue their work with minimal disruption.

  • Build Trust: Transparent communication during challenging times enhances your brand's credibility.

Where and When to Use the Known Bug or Issue Notification Template?

Ideal For:

  • Software Companies

  • SaaS Providers

  • IT Service Providers

When to Use:

  • When a bug is identified but a fix is still in development

  • When an issue arises that affects multiple users

  • When you want to communicate a problem transparently

What's Inside?

The Known Bug or Issue Notification Template includes:

  1. Issue Details: Comprehensive information about the bug, its impact, and the affected versions.

  2. Workarounds: A list of temporary fixes to help users continue working.

  3. Support Channels: Information about how to reach customer support for further assistance.

Additional Information

  • Adaptable: The template can be customised to fit various issues and bugs.

  • User-Centric: Focuses on providing immediate solutions to minimise user impact.

Why Choose Our Known Bug or Issue Notification Template?

Our template isn't just a way to inform—it's a way to show that you care.

By being upfront about issues and providing temporary solutions, you're taking a step towards increased transparency and improved customer relations.


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