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Change Management Process Template

Updated: Apr 25

Navigate Change With Ease

Change Management Process
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Welcome to our ITIL Change Management product page! In today's rapidly evolving IT landscape, changes are inevitable. Managing those changes efficiently is crucial for your project's success and organisational resilience.

Our ITIL Change Management Process offers you a standardised, adaptable framework for controlling changes in the most effective way possible.

What is the Purpose of ITIL Change Management?

Our ITIL Change Management Process aims to:

  • Control Risks: Safeguard your projects and operations from the chaotic impact of unplanned changes.

  • Improve Efficiency: Streamline the change process to save time and resources.

  • Enhance Accountability: Define clear roles and responsibilities for change management.

  • Ensure Compliance: Align changes with organisational goals and governance policies.

  • Boost Reliability: Make your IT services more reliable and high-performing.

Where and When to Use ITIL Change Management?

Ideal For:

  • IT Service Management

  • Governance Protocols

  • Security Upgrades

  • Infrastructure Changes

When to Use:

  • Implementing new IT projects

  • Introducing software updates

  • Modifying governance frameworks

  • During any change affecting IT services or processes

What's Inside?

The ITIL Change Management package includes:

  1. Standard Change Management Process: A step-by-step guide adaptable to your specific needs.

  2. Roles & Responsibilities: A comprehensive page outlining the duties and expectations for each team member involved in the change process.

Change Management Process
Change management process

Additional Information

  • Adaptability: Our process is designed to be flexible, meeting the unique demands of your organisation.

  • Compliance: Our guidelines adhere to industry standards, ensuring you're always in line with best practices.

Typical Roles & Responsibilities

We offer a dedicated page detailing the roles involved in the ITIL Change Management Process:

  1. Change Manager: Oversees the entire change process.

  2. Change Advisory Board (CAB): Reviews and approves change proposals.

  3. Change Initiator: Proposes the change.

  4. Change Implementer: Executes the approved changes.

  5. Change Owner: Holds overall accountability for the change.

Why Choose Our ITIL Change Management Process?

Our ITIL Change Management Process is not just a product; it's a game-changing asset for your IT governance. With a balance of flexibility and structure, it's designed to take the uncertainty out of change, making your IT services more reliable and your life easier.

Feel free to modify this content to align with your brand's voice and particular services. I trust this helps you effectively present your ITIL Change Management Process!


About the author

Hi, I'm Alan, and have been working within the IT sector for over 30 years.

For the last 15 years, I've focused on IT Governance, Information Security, Projects and Service Management across various styles of organisations and markets.

I hold a degree in Information Systems, ITIL Expert certificate, PRINCE2 Practitioner and CISMP (Information Security Management).


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