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Business Case Template

The Business Case template guides you through creation of a project's justification

Business Case
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Our Business Case Template is designed to provide a rigorous and comprehensive framework for evaluating and presenting business issues, opportunities, and solutions.

Ideal for decision-makers and stakeholders, this template makes it easier to weigh options, assess risks, and decide on the best course of action.

What is the Purpose of the Business Case Template?

The template aims to facilitate the methodical examination and documentation of a business proposition.

It provides a comprehensive approach for defining objectives, identifying problems or opportunities, assessing solution options, and more. All these are framed to help the organisation meet its strategic goals.

Example business case

Where and When to Use the Business Case Template?

The Business Case Template is versatile, suitable for a wide range of sectors and project types, including:

  • When seeking project approval from decision-makers.

  • During the planning phase of a new project or venture.

  • As part of a pitch to investors or other external stakeholders.

What's Inside?

The template is divided into numerous important sections to help you cover all bases:

  • Executive Summary: A high-level summary containing key points from all sections.

  • Introduction & Business Objectives: Background, context, and goals aligned with corporate strategy.

  • Problem Statement: A detailed account of the issue or opportunity being addressed.

  • Solution Options: Comprehensive descriptions of potential solutions, with pros and cons.

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis: A breakdown of financial aspects, including ROI.

  • Market Analysis: An assessment of relevant market conditions.

  • Technical Requirements: A list of technological needs.

  • Risk Assessment: Identification and mitigation strategies for potential risks.

  • Governance and Compliance: Details on oversight and legal considerations.

  • Project Plan: A high-level overview of timelines and resource allocation.

  • Recommendations & Conclusion: Final endorsement of the selected solution.

  • Appendices: Supplementary data, charts, or documentation.

Additional Information

  • Customisable: Easily tailor the template to meet your specific needs.

  • User-Friendly: The template is easy to use and follows a logical flow.

  • Compatibility: Works well with various document formats and software.

Why Choose Our Business Case Template?

  • In-Depth: Its comprehensiveness ensures that no critical aspect is missed.

  • Decision-Facilitating: Helps in making informed choices based on data and assessments.

  • Alignment with Best Practices: Follows industry standards for effective business case development.

  • Time-Efficient: Enables you to focus on the content rather than the structure.

This Business Case Template is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to make compelling and well-supported business decisions.


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