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Service Management

Enhance IT Services Quality

Internal IT teams often face growing issue queues and poor service perceptions. I make recommendations to improve help desk performance, customer satisfaction, and change management processes, adhering to ITIL best practices to reduce disruptions and repeat incidents.

Services Offered

  • Development of service improvement programmes

  • Creation and implementation of corrective action plans

  • Facilitation of workshops with support team managers

  • Incident management process setup and enhancement

  • Comprehensive reporting and performance tracking

  • Establishment of change management processes

  • Creation and management of Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

  • Ongoing monitoring and adjustments to service delivery

Case Studies

Case Study

Client: Organisation delivering services to a government department 

Challenge: The organisation was at risk of contractual breaches due to service issues. 


  • Drafted and implemented a service improvement programme

  • Worked with support team managers to define corrective actions

  • Reviewed and tracked the action plan with the client

  • Implemented robust incident and change management processes

  • Created a new SLA framework and tracked performance

Outcome: Turned around a severe situation, achieving client satisfaction at each action plan stage. The relationship improved significantly, leading to the organisation's and government departments' repeat business.


Nigel Fishwick, Chairman, Trustee

"Alan is one of that very rare breed of IT experts who are fluent in plain English. He not only completely understands the IT world, but can relate to Management Boards not just circuit boards. I would recommend him unhesitatingly."


Indicative Cost
Day Rate
£750 / Day
Hourly Rate
£150 / hr
Introductory call & exploration
Free 45 mins
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