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Information Security

Fast-Track Your Security Compliance

Organisations often need to quickly demonstrate their security posture to win new business. I help small to medium-sized enterprises rapidly introduce policies, procedures, and frameworks to enhance their security position, aiming for ISO 27001 certification in 8 to 12 weeks.

Services Offered

  • Rapid implementation of information security policies and procedures

  • Gap analysis against ISO 27001 standards

  • High-level risk assessments and risk treatment planning

  • Setting up governance structures for ongoing security management

  • Internal audits and preparation for external audits

  • Providing off-the-shelf policies and procedures tailored to organisational needs

  • Continuous support and advice on maintaining security posture

Case Studies

Case Study 1

Client: A company needing to access a supplier's API 

Challenge: The supplier required robust security evidence. 


  • Outlined services in scope

  • Conducted a high-level risk assessment

  • Developed a risk treatment plan

  • Established governance for management review

  • Performed a gap analysis against ISO 27001

  • Provided off-the-shelf policies and procedures 

Outcome: The company passed the supplier’s audit, gaining API access, which significantly benefitted their business.

Case Study 2

Client: Small organisation engaging with financial sector clients 

Challenge: Meet stringent data protection obligations. 


  • Created standard responses to security-related queries

  • Developed a repository of common policies and procedures 

Outcome: Passed a 220-question security audit from a major client, securing valuable business.

Case Study 3

Client: Medium organisation with 200 employees 

Challenge: Fast-track to ISO 27001 for a governmental contract.


  • Defined scope of services

  • Conducted a gap analysis

  • Completed the statement of applicability 

Outcome: Achieved ISO 27001 certification in 8 weeks, enabling the continuation of the governmental contract.


Julian Longson, CEO & Consultant

"We entrusted critical business projects to Alan Parker through Iseo Blue for several years—and with excellent reason. Alan's expertise was central to guiding our company to achieve ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, a testament to his profound knowledge and dedication. He was instrumental in crafting and solidifying robust governance around our strategic operating objectives.

Beyond his distinctive leadership and approach, Alan brings a level of attention to detail that is simply unmatched. But he's more than an expert; he's a genuine collaborator and inspiring staff mentor. I wholeheartedly endorse Alan as an invaluable asset to any organisation."


Indicative Cost
Day Rate
£750 / Day
Hourly Rate
£150 / hr
Introductory call & exploration
Free 45 mins
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