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Workforce and Talent Management


How to calculate
How to use it
Employee Turnover Rate
HR Records
(Number of employees who left / Average number of employees) * 100
Measure rate at which employees leave the organisation
Employee Retention Rate
HR Records
100 - Turnover Rate
Measure rate at which employees are retained
Time to Fill Vacancies
Recruitment Records
(Total days to fill vacancies / Number of vacancies)
Assess efficiency of recruitment process
Cost per Hire
Financial Reports
Total recruitment costs / Number of hires
Measure cost-effectiveness of recruitment
Training Hours per Employee
Training Records
Total training hours / Number of employees
Assess investment in employee development
Employee Engagement Score
Employee Engagement Surveys
Composite score based on engagement surveys
Measure level of employee engagement
Performance Appraisal Rating
Performance Appraisal Records
Average rating across performance appraisals
Evaluate employee performance
Diversity Index
HR Records
(Number of diverse employees / Total number of employees) * 100
Measure diversity within the workforce
Absenteeism Rate
Attendance Records
(Total days of absence / Total possible workdays) * 100
Measure frequency of employee absenteeism
Overtime Hours
Time Tracking Records
Total hours worked beyond standard hours
Assess workload and overtime trends
Skills Gap Analysis
Skills Assessment Reports
Identified skills needed - Existing skills
Identify gaps between required and existing skills
Employee Satisfaction Score
Employee Satisfaction Surveys
Composite score based on satisfaction surveys
Measure level of employee satisfaction
Succession Planning Coverage
Succession Planning Records
Percentage of key roles with identified successors
Assess readiness for key role transitions
Employee Development Rate
Training Records
Number of employees in development programs
Measure investment in employee development
Promotion Rate
HR Records
Number of promotions / Total number of employees
Measure frequency of employee promotions
Performance Improvement Rate
Performance Appraisal Records
Number of employees showing performance improvement
Measure effectiveness of performance improvement efforts
Workforce Productivity
Productivity Metrics
Output produced per unit of input (e.g., sales per employee)
Assess efficiency of workforce in producing output
Employee Well-being Score
Well-being Surveys
Composite score based on well-being surveys
Measure level of employee well-being
Employee Referral Rate
Referral Program Records
Number of hires through employee referrals
Measure effectiveness of employee referral program
Training Effectiveness
Training Evaluation Data
Percentage of employees meeting or exceeding training objectives
Assess impact and effectiveness of training programmes
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