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Strategy Management


How to calculate
How to use it
Strategy Resource Allocation
Resource Allocation Metrics
Efficiency of resource allocation for strategic initiatives
Ensure effective allocation of resources for strategy
Strategy Customer Value
Customer Value Metrics
Value added to customers by strategic initiatives
Measure impact of strategy on customer satisfaction and value
Strategy Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement Surveys
Engagement level of employees with strategy and goals
Foster alignment and commitment to strategy among employees
Strategy Sustainability
Sustainability Assessments
Sustainability score of strategy and business practices
Ensure long-term viability and sustainability of strategy
Strategy Communication
Communication Feedback
Effectiveness of communication about strategy
Ensure clarity and transparency in communication about strategy
Strategy Knowledge Sharing
Knowledge Sharing Platforms
Effectiveness of knowledge sharing about strategy
Ensure relevant information about strategy is shared effectively
Strategy Stakeholder Engagement
Stakeholder Surveys
Level of involvement and satisfaction of stakeholders
Measure level of stakeholder engagement and satisfaction
Strategy Change Management
Change Management Reports
Effectiveness of change management processes for strategy
Ensure smooth implementation of changes related to strategy
Strategy Goal Cascading
Goal Cascading Reports
Alignment of departmental and individual goals with strategy
Ensure alignment and accountability across all levels of organisation
Strategy Success Criteria
Success Criteria Framework
Criteria for evaluating success and effectiveness of strategy
Define and communicate criteria for evaluating strategy success
Strategy Alignment
Strategy Alignment Assessments
Alignment score of business activities with strategic goals
Ensure alignment of activities with strategic objectives
Strategy Execution
Strategy Execution Reports
Execution score of strategic initiatives and projects
Measure progress and effectiveness of strategy execution
Strategic Objective Achievement
Strategic Objective Metrics
Achievement rate of strategic objectives
Measure progress towards achieving strategic objectives
Strategy Implementation Cost
Financial Reports
Total cost of implementing strategic initiatives
Assess financial implications of strategy implementation
Strategy ROI
Financial Reports
Return on investment from strategic initiatives
Evaluate effectiveness of strategic investments
Strategy Performance
Strategy Performance Metrics
Performance score of strategic initiatives and objectives
Assess effectiveness and impact of strategic initiatives
Strategy Adaptability
Adaptability Assessment
Adaptability score of strategy in response to changes
Measure flexibility and responsiveness of strategy
Strategy Risk Management
Risk Management Reports
Effectiveness of risk management strategies for strategy
Identify and mitigate risks associated with strategy
Strategy Innovation
Innovation Metrics
Innovation score of strategy and business processes
Foster innovation and creativity in strategy and operations
Strategy Competitiveness
Market Analysis Reports
Competitiveness score of strategy and market position
Assess competitive advantage and market position
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