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Software Development and Management


How to calculate
How to use it
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Feedback
Customer feedback scores on software usability and features
Measure satisfaction levels of software users
User Adoption Rate
Usage Analytics
Percentage of users actively using the software
Measure adoption and usage of software
Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
Bug Tracking System
Average time taken to repair software defects
Measure efficiency of defect resolution process
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
Monitoring and Logging Tools
Average time between software failures
Assess software reliability and stability
Test Coverage
Testing Reports
Percentage of code covered by automated tests
Measure effectiveness of test coverage
Customer Reported Defect Rate
Customer Feedback
Number of defects reported by customers
Measure software quality from customer perspective
Customer Support Response Time
Customer Support System
Average time taken to respond to customer support requests
Measure responsiveness of customer support team
Software Performance
Performance Monitoring Tools
Performance metrics such as response time and throughput
Assess performance of software under various conditions
Software Scalability
Scalability Testing
Ability of software to handle increased workload
Assess scalability of software
Software Security
Security Assessments
Security posture of software components
Assess security of software components
Code Quality
Code Quality Tools
Code quality scores from static analysis tools
Measure quality of codebase
Defect Density
Testing Reports
Number of defects identified per lines of code
Measure defect density in software
Release Frequency
Version Control System
Number of releases per unit of time
Measure frequency of software releases
Lead Time
Project Management Software
Time taken from task creation to completion
Assess efficiency of development process
Cycle Time
Project Management Software
Time taken to complete one development cycle
Measure efficiency of development cycles
Agile Management Tools
Amount of work completed in a sprint
Measure team's productivity and predictability
Sprint Burn-down
Agile Management Tools
Remaining work in a sprint over time
Track progress and identify potential delays in sprints
Release Burndown
Project Management Software
Remaining work in a release over time
Track progress towards release completion
Code Churn
Version Control System
Percentage of code modified in a certain period
Measure stability of codebase
Technical Debt Ratio
Development Reports
Ratio of time spent on new features to time spent on technical debt reduction
Assess level of technical debt in software
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