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Service Validation and Testing


How to calculate
How to use it
Test Coverage
Test Coverage Reports
Percentage of requirements covered by tests
Measure extent of test coverage and completeness
Test Case Effectiveness
Test Case Execution Reports
Percentage of test cases that identify defects
Measure effectiveness of test cases in identifying defects
Defect Density
Defect Tracking System
Number of defects identified per unit of code
Measure quality of code and identify areas for improvement
Test Automation Rate
Test Automation Tools
Percentage of tests automated
Measure level of test automation and efficiency
Test Execution Efficiency
Test Execution Reports
Percentage of tests executed successfully
Measure efficiency and effectiveness of test execution
Test Cycle Time
Test Management Tool
Average time taken to execute test cycles
Measure efficiency of test cycle execution
Test Environment Stability
Environment Monitoring
Stability score of test environments
Ensure stability and reliability of test environments
Defect Resolution Time
Defect Tracking System
Average time taken to resolve defects
Measure efficiency of defect resolution process
Test Environment Availability
Environment Monitoring
Percentage of time test environments are available
Ensure availability and accessibility of test environments
Test Progress
Test Progress Reports
Progress towards completion of testing activities
Track and manage progress of testing activities
Test Effectiveness
Test Effectiveness Metrics
Percentage of tests that detect defects
Measure effectiveness of testing in identifying defects
Test Maintenance Effort
Test Maintenance Reports
Effort required to maintain and update test cases
Measure effort required for test case maintenance
Test Regression Rate
Regression Test Results
Rate of regression defects identified after changes
Assess effectiveness of regression testing
Test Results Consistency
Test Result Analysis
Consistency of test results across different executions
Ensure consistency and reliability of test results
Test Defect Severity
Defect Tracking System
Severity level of defects identified during testing
Prioritise defects based on severity and impact
Test Data Quality
Test Data Management
Quality and relevance of test data used
Ensure completeness and accuracy of test data
Test Environment Configuration
Test Environment Setup
Accuracy and completeness of test environment configurations
Ensure consistency and reliability of test environment configurations
Test Resilience
Test Resilience Metrics
Ability of tests to withstand changes and disruptions
Measure resilience of testing processes to changes and disruptions
Test Reporting Accuracy
Test Reporting Tools
Accuracy and completeness of test reports
Ensure accuracy and completeness of test reports
Test Resource Utilization
Resource Management Tools
Efficiency of resource utilisation during testing
Assess effectiveness of resource allocation during testing
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