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Service Request Management


How to calculate
How to use it
Average Handle Time
Service request logs
Average time spent handling a request
Assess efficiency and productivity of service desk staff
Percentage of Automated Fulfillments
Automation tools, logs
(Automated fulfillments / Total fulfillments) * 100
Evaluate the extent and effectiveness of automation in request fulfillment
Change Requests Resulting from Service Requests
Service request and change logs
Number of change requests initiated from service requests
Understand the impact of service requests on change management
Repeat Request Rate
Service request logs
(Repeat requests / Total requests) * 100
Identify issues in initial fulfillment that lead to repeat requests
Service Request Aging
Service request tracking system
Average age of unresolved service requests
Monitor the timeliness of service request handling and identify delays
Incident Conversion Rate
Service request and incident logs
(Requests converted to incidents / Total requests) * 100
Measure how often service requests evolve into incidents
Resource Utilization Rate
Resource management tools
Utilization of resources for request fulfillment
Assess the effective use of resources in fulfilling service requests
SLA Compliance Rate
SLA monitoring reports
(SLA-compliant fulfillments / Total fulfillments) * 100
Measure adherence to service level agreements in request fulfillment
User Feedback Improvement Actions
Feedback logs, improvement registers
Number of improvements made based on user feedback
Track enhancements in the service request process based on user feedback
Average Time to Acknowledge Requests
Service request logs
Average time from request receipt to acknowledgment
Measure responsiveness of the service desk in acknowledging received requests
Service Request Volume
Service request tracking system
Total number of service requests received
Monitor the workload and identify trends in service request volume
Service Request Fulfillment Rate
Service request records
(Fulfilled requests / Total requests) * 100
Assess the efficiency of the request fulfillment process
Average Fulfillment Time
Service request logs
Average time to fulfill requests
Evaluate the speed of service delivery and identify areas for improvement
First Contact Resolution Rate
Service desk logs
(Requests resolved on first contact / Total requests) * 100
Measure effectiveness of the service desk in resolving requests without escalation
Customer Satisfaction Score
Customer surveys
Average customer satisfaction rating
Gauge customer satisfaction with the service request handling process
Service Request Backlog
Service request tracking system
Number of unresolved service requests
Monitor accumulation of unresolved requests to ensure timely management
Escalation Rate
Service request logs
(Escalated requests / Total requests) * 100
Determine the rate at which requests are escalated to higher support levels
Cost per Service Request
Financial records
Total cost of handling requests / Number of requests
Monitor cost efficiency in the service request management process
Request Categorization Accuracy
Service request logs, quality assurance
Percentage of correctly categorized requests
Ensure accurate request categorization for better management and reporting
Self-Service Usage Rate
Service request tracking system
(Self-service requests / Total requests) * 100
Measure the effectiveness and adoption of self-service portals
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