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Service Level Management


How to calculate
How to use it
Service Availability
Monitoring Tools
Percentage of time services are available and accessible
Measure availability and reliability of services
Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
Incident Management System
Average time taken to restore service after an incident
Measure efficiency of incident resolution process
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
Monitoring Tools
Average time between service failures
Assess reliability and stability of services
Service Reliability
Monitoring Tools
Reliability score of services
Measure uptime and stability of services
Service Response Time
Monitoring Tools
Average time taken to respond to service requests
Measure responsiveness of service delivery
Service Resolution Time
Incident Management System
Average time taken to resolve service requests
Measure efficiency of service resolution process
Service Performance
Performance Monitoring Tools
Performance score of services
Assess performance and responsiveness of services
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Adherence
Service Level Agreement Reports
Percentage of services meeting SLA targets
Ensure compliance with service level agreements
Service Downtime
Monitoring Tools
Total time services are unavailable or disrupted
Assess impact and frequency of service downtime
Service Outage Frequency
Incident Management System
Number of service outages over a certain period
Measure frequency of service disruptions
Service Availability Target
Service Level Agreement
Target availability percentage for services
Define and communicate availability targets for services
Service Desk Response Rate
Service Desk System
Percentage of service requests responded to within SLA
Measure responsiveness of service desk in handling requests
Service Desk Resolution Rate
Service Desk System
Percentage of service requests resolved within SLA
Measure effectiveness of service desk in resolving requests
Service Desk Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction Surveys
Satisfaction scores from customers on service desk support
Measure satisfaction levels with service desk support
Service Incident Impact
Incident Impact Assessment
Impact of service incidents on business operations
Assess severity and impact of service incidents
Service Change Success Rate
Change Management System
Percentage of successful changes to services
Measure effectiveness of service change management process
Service Change Lead Time
Change Management System
Time taken to implement changes to services
Measure efficiency of service change implementation process
Service Cost per Transaction
Financial Reports
Average cost incurred for processing each service transaction
Assess cost-effectiveness of service transactions
Service Improvement Initiatives
Improvement Initiative Reports
Number and impact of initiatives for service improvement
Track and manage service improvement projects
Service Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback Surveys
Feedback scores from customers on service quality
Gather insights and improve service quality based on feedback
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