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Service Catalogue Management


How to calculate
How to use it
Catalogue Accuracy
Service catalogue reviews, audit reports
Percentage of accurate service entries
Ensure all service catalogue entries are accurate and reflect current offerings
Service Usage
Service monitoring tools, usage logs
Number of times a service is accessed or used
Measure the popularity and utilization of listed services
User Satisfaction with Catalogue
User surveys
User satisfaction survey results
Gauge user satisfaction with the clarity and usability of the service catalogue
Catalogue Update Frequency
Change logs, service catalogue updates
Number of updates made to the catalogue annually
Maintain a current and relevant service catalogue
Compliance with Standards
Compliance checks, audit reports
Compliance rate with internal and external standards
Ensure the service catalogue meets all regulatory and organizational standards
Time to Publish New Services
Project tracking, service logs
Average time from service conception to catalogue listing
Assess the efficiency of adding new services to the catalogue
Catalogue Accessibility
IT support logs, website monitoring tools
Uptime of the service catalogue portal
Ensure the service catalogue is easily accessible to users at all times
Number of Services Listed
Service catalogue
Total number of services in the catalogue
Track the breadth of services offered by the organization
Service Decommissioning Rate
Service catalogue, change logs
Number of services decommissioned annually
Manage and rationalize the service portfolio effectively
Catalogue Integration with Other Processes
Process documentation, integration logs
Number of integrated ITSM processes
Evaluate how well the service catalogue is integrated with other ITSM processes
Cost of Catalogue Management
Financial records
Total cost of maintaining the service catalogue
Monitor the financial resources allocated to catalogue management
Error Rate in Service Information
Quality audits, user feedback
(Number of inaccuracies / Total entries) * 100
Ensure the reliability and correctness of service information
Training on Catalogue Usage
Training records
Number of training sessions held
Educate users on how to effectively use the service catalogue
Change Impact on Catalogue
Change logs, service catalogue updates
Number of catalogue entries affected by changes
Assess the impact of changes on service catalogue entries
Catalogue Review Cycle
Review schedules
Frequency of scheduled catalogue reviews
Maintain regular reviews to ensure the catalogue remains up-to-date
Stakeholder Engagement in Catalogue Updates
Stakeholder meeting notes, feedback logs
Level of stakeholder involvement in updates
Involve stakeholders in the update process to ensure service relevance
Service Catalogue Coverage
Service catalogue, business unit reviews
Percentage of business units covered by the catalogue
Ensure that the service catalogue adequately covers all relevant parts of the organization
Catalogue Retention Rate
Service catalogue
Percentage of services retained over a given period
Measure the stability and longevity of services listed in the catalogue
Effectiveness of Service Descriptions
User surveys, feedback forms
User feedback rating on clarity of service descriptions
Evaluate how effectively the service descriptions communicate the offered services
Digitalization of the Catalogue
Service catalogue
Percentage of services available for digital access
Assess the extent to which the service catalogue is accessible digitally
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