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Risk Management


How to calculate
How to use it
Risk Exposure
Internal Risk Management Data
Sum of impact of risks * Probability of occurrence
Assess overall risk exposure
Risk Likelihood
Internal Risk Management Data
Likelihood of risk occurrence
Determine probability of risk occurrence
Risk Impact
Internal Risk Management Data
Potential impact of risk occurrence
Assess potential consequences of risks
Risk Velocity
Internal Risk Management Data
Rate of change of risk exposure
Monitor how quickly risks are evolving
Risk Severity
Internal Risk Management Data
Magnitude of impact if risk occurs
Assess seriousness of potential risks
Risk Tolerance
Internal Risk Management Policy
Maximum acceptable level of risk exposure
Set boundaries for acceptable risks
Risk Mitigation Effectiveness
Risk Management Plans
Reduction in risk impact due to mitigation
Evaluate effectiveness of risk mitigation
Risk Response Efficiency
Incident Response Data
Timeliness and effectiveness of response actions
Measure effectiveness of risk responses
Risk Identification Rate
Risk Register
Number of new risks identified per period
Assess effectiveness of risk identification
Risk Assessment Coverage
Risk Assessment Reports
Percentage of risks assessed against total risks
Ensure comprehensive risk assessment
Risk Response Time
Incident Response Data
Time taken to respond to identified risks
Measure responsiveness to emerging risks
Risk Management Cost
Financial Reports
Total cost of managing risks
Assess financial implications of risk management
Risk Management ROI
Financial Reports
Return on investment from risk management
Evaluate effectiveness of risk management
Risk Communication Effectiveness
Stakeholder Feedback
Effectiveness of communicating risks
Assess clarity and impact of risk communication
Risk Appetite
Risk Management Policy
Willingness to take on risk
Understand organisation's risk appetite
Risk Register Completeness
Risk Register
Percentage of identified risks recorded
Ensure all risks are documented
Risk Culture
Organisational attitude towards risk
Evaluate risk-aware culture within the organisation
Risk Monitoring Frequency
Risk Management Plan
Frequency of monitoring risk exposure
Monitor risks regularly for changes
Risk Governance Compliance
Compliance Reports
Adherence to risk management policies
Ensure compliance with risk governance
Risk Escalation Rate
Escalation Reports
Number of risks escalated per period
Measure effectiveness of risk escalation
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