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Release Management


How to calculate
How to use it
Release Success Rate
Release records
(Successful releases / Total releases) * 100
Evaluate the success rate of releases in meeting their objectives without causing disruptions
Average Release Downtime
Incident logs, release reports
Average downtime caused by releases
Measure the impact of releases on service availability
Release Frequency
Release calendar, project management tools
Number of releases over a set period
Assess how often new or updated services are released
Deployment Time
Deployment logs
Average time taken to deploy a release
Evaluate the efficiency of the deployment process
Rollback Rate
Release records
(Number of rollbacks / Total releases) * 100
Determine the frequency of rollbacks due to failed releases
Incident Rate Post-Release
Incident logs, post-release reports
Number of incidents reported after release
Measure the quality and stability of the release process
Stakeholder Satisfaction with Releases
Stakeholder surveys
Stakeholder satisfaction survey results
Gauge how satisfied stakeholders are with the release management process
Release Scope Accuracy
Project management tools, release reports
(Planned scope vs. Delivered scope) * 100
Assess how accurately the scope of releases is managed and delivered
Pre- and Post-Release Testing Coverage
Testing reports, QA logs
Percentage of release items tested pre- and post-deployment
Ensure thorough testing both before and after deployment to reduce incidents
Change Failure Rate
Change logs, release reports
(Failed changes / Total changes) * 100
Measure how often changes related to releases fail, necessitating rollbacks or hotfixes
Time to Rollback
Incident logs, release reports
Average time taken to rollback a release
Assess the speed and effectiveness of rollback procedures in case of failed releases
Compliance with Release Policy
Audit reports, release documentation
Number of releases compliant with release policy
Ensure all releases adhere to organizational policies
Release Documentation Completeness
Release documents, quality reviews
Completeness of release documentation as per standards
Evaluate the adequacy and detail of documentation for each release
Cost of Release
Financial records, project tracking tools
Total cost associated with a release
Monitor the budgetary efficiency of the release process
Automated Deployment Success Rate
Automation tools
(Successful automated deployments / Total automated deployments) * 100
Evaluate the effectiveness of automation in the deployment process
Release Planning Efficiency
Project management tools
Time taken from planning to release go-live
Assess the efficiency of the release planning process
Release Team Response Time
Release logs
Average time for the release team to respond to an issue during deployment
Measure the responsiveness of the release management team during critical deployment phases
Environmental Stability Post-Release
Environment monitoring tools, incident logs
Number of environmental issues post-release
Assess the stability of the IT environment after releases
Training and Knowledge Sharing Effectiveness
Training feedback, surveys
Effectiveness ratings from post-release training sessions
Evaluate how well the release team and relevant stakeholders are trained on new releases
Release Resource Utilization
Resource management tools
Utilization rate of resources during releases
Assess how effectively resources are allocated and used during the release process
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