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Organisational Change Management


How to calculate
How to use it
Change Adoption Rate
Change Management System
Number of employees actively using the new processes/systems
Measure acceptance and adoption of changes
Change Readiness Score
Change Readiness Surveys
Composite score based on readiness assessments
Assess readiness of employees for upcoming changes
Stakeholder Engagement Level
Stakeholder Engagement Surveys
Composite score based on stakeholder engagement surveys
Measure level of stakeholder involvement and support
Communication Effectiveness
Communication Feedback
Stakeholder feedback scores on communication clarity
Assess effectiveness of change communication
Change Impact Assessment
Change Impact Assessment
Magnitude of impact of change on different stakeholders
Identify potential consequences of organisational changes
Change Resistance Levels
Resistance Tracking Reports
Number of resistance incidents reported
Identify and address areas of resistance to change
Change Management Cost
Financial Reports
Total cost of change management activities
Evaluate financial implications of change management
Change Management ROI
Financial Reports
Return on investment from change management activities
Assess effectiveness of change management efforts
Employee Training Completion
Training Records
Percentage of employees who completed change-related training
Measure effectiveness of change training initiatives
Time to Adapt
Change Implementation Data
Time taken for employees to adapt to new processes/systems
Assess speed of adoption and adaptation to changes
Employee Morale
Employee Surveys
Morale survey scores during change implementation
Assess impact of change on employee morale
Change Sustainment Rate
Sustainment Assessments
Percentage of change benefits sustained over time
Measure long-term effectiveness of change initiatives
Change Governance Compliance
Compliance Reports
Adherence to change management policies and procedures
Ensure compliance with change governance
Change Communication Reach
Communication Tracking
Percentage of employees reached by change communication
Assess effectiveness of communication dissemination
Change Impact Realization
Benefit Realization Reports
Achievement of expected benefits from change
Measure effectiveness of change in achieving objectives
Employee Feedback Uptake
Feedback Collection
Percentage of employees providing feedback on changes
Measure level of employee engagement in change process
Change Initiative Success Rate
Change Success Metrics
Percentage of successful change initiatives
Assess overall success of change initiatives
Change Risk Mitigation Rate
Risk Mitigation Reports
Percentage of identified change risks mitigated
Assess effectiveness of change risk mitigation
Change Team Satisfaction
Change Team Surveys
Team satisfaction survey scores during change implementation
Assess satisfaction levels of change implementation teams
Change Resilience
Resilience Assessments
Organisation's ability to adapt and recover from change
Measure organisation's resilience to change
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