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IT Asset Management


How to calculate
How to use it
Asset Utilization Rate
Asset Management System
Percentage of time assets are actively used
Measure efficiency of asset utilisation
Asset Availability
Asset Monitoring Tools
Percentage of time assets are available and operational
Measure availability and reliability of assets
Asset Inventory Accuracy
Asset Inventory Records
Percentage of assets accurately recorded in inventory
Ensure accuracy and completeness of asset inventory
Asset Lifecycle Cost
Financial Records
Total cost incurred throughout the lifecycle of assets
Assess total cost of ownership of assets
Asset ROI
Financial Reports
Return on investment from asset acquisition and management
Evaluate effectiveness of asset investments
Asset Compliance
Compliance Reports
Adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements
Ensure compliance with regulations and standards
Asset Depreciation Rate
Financial Reports
Rate of depreciation of asset value over time
Measure decrease in asset value over time
Asset Maintenance Cost
Maintenance Records
Total cost of maintaining and servicing assets
Assess financial implications of asset maintenance
Asset Reliability
Maintenance Records
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of assets
Assess reliability and uptime of assets
Asset Replacement Rate
Asset Replacement Reports
Rate of replacement or retirement of assets
Measure frequency of asset replacement or retirement
Asset Security
Security Assessments
Security posture of assets
Assess security of assets and mitigate risks
Asset Warranty Coverage
Warranty Records
Percentage of assets covered by warranty
Measure extent of warranty coverage for assets
Asset Disposal Efficiency
Disposal Records
Efficiency of asset disposal and retirement process
Assess effectiveness of asset disposal process
Asset Tracking Accuracy
Asset Tracking System
Accuracy of asset tracking and location data
Ensure accuracy and completeness of asset tracking
Asset Energy Efficiency
Energy Monitoring Tools
Energy consumption and efficiency of assets
Measure energy usage and efficiency of assets
Asset Configuration Management
Configuration Management System
Control and management of asset configurations
Ensure consistency and integrity of asset configurations
Asset License Compliance
License Compliance Reports
Adherence to software licensing agreements
Ensure compliance with software licensing agreements
Asset Refresh Cycle
Refresh Schedules
Frequency of refresh or upgrade cycles for assets
Plan for and manage asset refresh and upgrade cycles
Asset Inventory Turnover
Asset Inventory Reports
Rate of turnover or movement of assets within inventory
Measure efficiency of asset turnover within inventory
Asset End-of-Life Management
End-of-Life Management Plan
Management of assets at end-of-life or end-of-lease
Plan for and manage disposal or retirement of assets
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