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Infrastructure Management


How to calculate
How to use it
CPU Utilization
Performance Monitoring Tools
(Used CPU cycles / Total CPU cycles) * 100
Assess efficiency of CPU resource utilisation
Memory Utilization
Performance Monitoring Tools
(Used memory / Total memory) * 100
Assess efficiency of memory resource utilisation
Patch Compliance
Patch Management Tools
Percentage of systems with up-to-date patches
Measure compliance with security patching policies
Backup Success Rate
Backup Reports
Number of successful backups / Total backup attempts
Measure effectiveness of backup and recovery processes
Incident Response Time
Incident Reports
Time taken to respond to incidents
Measure responsiveness to infrastructure incidents
Change Success Rate
Change Management Records
Percentage of successful changes
Measure effectiveness of infrastructure changes
Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring Tools
Temperature, humidity, and other environmental metrics
Monitor environmental conditions in data centres
Disaster Recovery Time
Disaster Recovery Plans
Time taken to recover from a disaster
Measure efficiency of disaster recovery processes
Licence Compliance
Licence Management Tools
Percentage of licensed software in use
Ensure compliance with software licensing agreements
Virtualization Ratio
Virtualization Platform Metrics
Number of virtual machines / Number of physical servers
Measure efficiency of virtual infrastructure deployment
Server Uptime
Monitoring Tools
(Total uptime / Total time) * 100
Measure reliability of server infrastructure
Network Latency
Network Monitoring Tools
Average time taken for data to travel from source to destination
Assess network performance and responsiveness
Mean Time Between Failures
Incident Reports
(Total operational time / Number of failures)
Measure average time between system failures
Mean Time to Repair
Incident Reports
(Total downtime / Number of incidents)
Measure average time taken to resolve incidents
Storage Utilization
Storage Monitoring Tools
(Used storage / Total storage) * 100
Assess efficiency of storage resource utilisation
Bandwidth Utilization
Network Monitoring Tools
(Used bandwidth / Total bandwidth) * 100
Measure efficiency of network resource utilisation
Power Usage Effectiveness
Energy Consumption Reports
(Total energy consumption / IT equipment energy consumption)
Assess efficiency of power usage in IT infrastructure
Server Density
Inventory Records
Number of servers / Total physical space
Measure efficiency of server deployment
Network Availability
Network Monitoring Tools
(Total available time / Total time) * 100
Measure availability of network infrastructure
Data Centre PUE
Energy Consumption Reports
Total energy consumption / IT equipment energy consumption
Assess efficiency of data centre power usage
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