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Information Security Management


How to calculate
How to use it
Firewall Rule Compliance
Firewall Configuration Reports
Adherence to firewall rule policies and configurations
Ensure compliance with firewall rule configurations
Intrusion Detection Rate
Intrusion Detection System
Number of intrusion attempts detected per unit of time
Measure effectiveness of intrusion detection systems
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Rate
Data Loss Prevention System
Number of data loss incidents prevented or detected
Measure effectiveness of data loss prevention mechanisms
Security Awareness Survey Results
Security Awareness Surveys
Scores from security awareness surveys
Measure level of security awareness among employees
Security Policy Compliance
Compliance Audits
Adherence to information security policies and procedures
Ensure compliance with security policies and procedures
Network Traffic Anomalies
Network Traffic Analysis Tools
Identification of abnormal network traffic patterns
Identify and respond to potential security threats
Security Audit Findings
Security Audit Reports
Number and severity of findings from security audits
Assess security posture and identify areas for improvement
Incident Root Cause Analysis
Incident Post-Mortem Reports
Analysis of root causes of security incidents
Identify underlying causes and address security weaknesses
Security Training Effectiveness
Training Assessment Reports
Improvement in security knowledge and skills after training
Measure effectiveness of security training programmes
Security Investment ROI
Financial Reports
Return on investment from security investments
Evaluate effectiveness of security investments
Security Incident Rate
Incident Management System
Number of security incidents reported per unit of time
Measure frequency of security incidents
Mean Time to Detect (MTTD)
Security Monitoring Tools
Average time taken to detect security incidents
Measure effectiveness of incident detection
Mean Time to Respond (MTTR)
Incident Management System
Average time taken to respond to security incidents
Measure efficiency of incident response
Incident Severity Distribution
Incident Reports
Distribution of security incidents by severity level
Identify trends in incident severity
Incident Resolution Rate
Incident Management System
Percentage of security incidents resolved within SLA
Measure effectiveness of incident resolution process
Vulnerability Assessment Results
Vulnerability Assessment Reports
Number and severity of vulnerabilities identified
Assess security posture and identify vulnerabilities
Patch Management Compliance
Patch Management Reports
Adherence to patch management policies and procedures
Ensure compliance with patch management policies
Phishing Click Rate
Phishing Simulation Reports
Percentage of users clicking on phishing email links
Measure susceptibility of users to phishing attacks
User Awareness Training Completion
Training Completion Reports
Percentage of employees completing security awareness training
Measure effectiveness of user awareness training
Access Control Effectiveness
Access Control Audit Logs
Percentage of access control violations detected
Measure effectiveness of access control mechanisms
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