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Deployment Management


How to calculate
How to use it
Deployment Frequency
Deployment Logs
Number of deployments per unit of time
Measure frequency of software deployments
Deployment Lead Time
Deployment Logs
Time taken from code commit to deployment
Assess efficiency of deployment process
Deployment Success Rate
Deployment Logs
Percentage of successful deployments
Measure effectiveness of deployment process
Deployment Duration
Deployment Logs
Average time taken for each deployment
Assess duration of deployment process
Rollback Rate
Deployment Logs
Percentage of deployments requiring rollback
Measure frequency of deployment rollbacks
Deployment Health
Deployment Metrics
Composite score based on deployment success and duration
Provide an overall assessment of deployment health
Deployment Automation Rate
Automation Tools
Percentage of deployments automated
Measure level of deployment automation
Deployment Cost
Financial Reports
Total cost of deployment activities
Assess financial implications of deployment activities
Deployment ROI
Financial Reports
Return on investment from deployment automation
Evaluate effectiveness of deployment automation
Deployment Environment Stability
Environment Monitoring
Stability score of deployment environments
Measure stability of deployment environments
Deployment Compliance
Compliance Reports
Adherence to deployment policies and procedures
Ensure compliance with deployment governance
Deployment Resource Utilization
Resource Management Tools
Efficiency of resource utilisation during deployments
Assess effectiveness of resource allocation during deployments
Deployment Throughput
Deployment Metrics
Rate of successful deployments over time
Measure efficiency of deployment throughput
Deployment Security
Security Assessments
Security posture of deployment environments
Assess security of deployment environments
Deployment Scalability
Scalability Testing
Ability of deployment process to handle increased workload
Assess scalability of deployment process
Deployment Flexibility
Change Impact Analysis
Degree of adaptability of deployment process to changes
Measure flexibility of deployment process in accommodating changes
Deployment Feedback Uptake
Stakeholder Feedback
Percentage of stakeholders providing feedback on deployments
Measure level of stakeholder engagement in deployment process
Deployment Documentation Quality
Documentation Reviews
Quality score of deployment documentation
Ensure completeness and accuracy of deployment documentation
Deployment Team Morale
Team Surveys
Team morale survey scores within deployment teams
Assess morale and motivation of deployment teams
Deployment Satisfaction
Stakeholder Surveys
Satisfaction scores from stakeholders on deployment process
Measure satisfaction levels with deployment process
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