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Capacity and Performance Management


How to calculate
How to use it
Utilization Rate
Monitoring Tools
Percentage of resource utilization
Measure efficiency of resource usage
Throughput Rate
Performance Monitoring Tools
Rate of data processed or transactions completed
Measure system throughput and performance
Response Time
Performance Monitoring Tools
Average time taken to respond to requests
Assess system responsiveness and performance
Average Load
Performance Monitoring Tools
Average workload on system or resource
Measure average load on system or resource
Peak Load
Performance Monitoring Tools
Maximum workload experienced during peak periods
Assess system capacity to handle peak loads
Resource Saturation
Performance Monitoring Tools
Degree of saturation of system resources
Measure level of resource saturation
Capacity Forecasting
Capacity Planning Tools
Predictions of future resource usage and capacity needs
Plan for future resource requirements and capacity
Performance Trend Analysis
Performance Monitoring Tools
Patterns and trends in system performance over time
Identify performance trends and potential issues
Bottleneck Identification
Performance Monitoring Tools
Identification of system components causing performance bottlenecks
Identify and resolve performance bottlenecks
Capacity Planning
Capacity Planning Tools
Development of strategies for meeting future capacity needs
Plan for future capacity requirements and growth
Scalability Assessment
Scalability Testing
Assessment of system's ability to scale and handle increased workload
Assess scalability of system architecture and components
Workload Distribution
Performance Monitoring Tools
Distribution of workload across different system components
Identify and balance workload across system components
Performance Baseline
Performance Monitoring Tools
Benchmark performance metrics used as a reference for comparison
Establish baseline for comparison and performance evaluation
Resource Allocation Efficiency
Resource Management Tools
Efficiency of resource allocation and distribution
Assess effectiveness of resource allocation and distribution
Service Availability
Monitoring Tools
Percentage of time services are available and accessible
Measure availability of services and infrastructure
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
Monitoring Tools
Average time between system failures
Assess reliability and stability of system components
Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
Incident Management System
Average time taken to repair system failures
Measure efficiency of incident response and resolution
Performance Degradation Rate
Performance Monitoring Tools
Rate of performance degradation over time
Assess rate of deterioration in system performance
Resource Optimisation
Performance Analysis Reports
Strategies for optimising resource usage and efficiency
Identify and implement improvements to resource utilisation
Cost per Transaction
Financial Reports
Average cost incurred for processing each transaction
Assess cost-effectiveness of system transactions
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