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Availability Management


How to calculate
How to use it
Service Availability
Service logs, monitoring tools
Total uptime / (Total uptime + Downtime)
Assess if services are meeting their availability targets
Component Availability
Component monitoring tools
Uptime of a component / Total time
Identify reliability of specific IT components
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
Maintenance records, incident logs
Total operating time / Number of failures
Measure reliability and stability of IT services
Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
Incident and problem management records
Total downtime / Number of repairs
Gauge the effectiveness of the repair process and speed of response
Mean Time to Restore Service (MTRS)
Incident logs, recovery system logs
Total restore time / Number of incidents
Evaluate how quickly services are restored after a failure
Availability Trending
Historical performance data
Trend analysis of availability data over time
Monitor improvements or declines in service availability over time
Failure Rate
Monitoring systems, incident logs
Number of failures / Total operating time
Understand frequency of failures within a service or component
Unplanned Downtime
Incident logs, service reports
Total unplanned downtime
Measure impact of unexpected service interruptions
Planned Downtime
Change records, maintenance schedules
Total planned downtime
Plan and assess downtime for maintenance and upgrades
Service Continuity Testing Success Rate
Service continuity plans, test records
Number of successful tests / Total tests
Evaluate effectiveness of service continuity measures
Incident Response Time
Incident management system
Time from incident report to response
Monitor responsiveness to incidents affecting service availability
Percentage of SLA Achieved
SLA monitoring reports
Number of SLAs met / Total SLAs
Measure how well services adhere to agreed service levels
Customer Satisfaction with Availability
Customer surveys, feedback forms
Survey results
Gauge customer perception of service availability
Frequency of Service Review Meetings
Meeting logs, availability plans
Number of meetings held / Time period
Assess the regularity and effectiveness of service reviews
Recovery Point Objective (RPO) Compliance
Backup systems, recovery plans
Comparison of actual vs. target RPO
Ensure data loss is within tolerable limits during an interruption
Recovery Time Objective (RTO) Compliance
Recovery plans, incident logs
Comparison of actual vs. target RTO
Ensure recovery times meet business requirements
Downtime Cost
Financial records, incident logs
Cost incurred during downtime
Evaluate financial impact of service downtime
Capacity for Rapid Scaling
Performance monitoring tools
Time to scale up / down resources
Measure the agility in adjusting service capacity to meet demand
Proactive Incident Management
Proactive monitoring tools, logs
Number of incidents prevented
Assess effectiveness of proactive measures in reducing incidents
Change Success Rate
Change management records
Successful changes / Total changes
Evaluate success of changes implemented without affecting service availability
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