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Architecture Management


How to calculate
How to use it
Architecture Compliance
Architecture Reviews
Percentage of projects adhering to architectural standards
Measure adherence to architectural guidelines
Architecture Complexity
Architecture Documentation
Number of components or layers in the architecture
Assess complexity of the architecture
Architecture Risk Exposure
Risk Register
Sum of impact of architecture-related risks * Probability of occurrence
Assess overall risk exposure related to architecture
Architecture Maturity
Maturity Assessments
Maturity level assessed against architecture frameworks
Evaluate maturity of architecture practices
Architecture Cost
Financial Reports
Total cost of architecture development and maintenance
Assess financial implications of architecture activities
Architecture ROI
Financial Reports
Return on investment from architecture initiatives
Evaluate effectiveness of architecture investments
Architecture Alignment
Business Strategy Alignment
Degree of alignment between architecture and business goals
Measure effectiveness of architecture in supporting business objectives
Architecture Governance Compliance
Compliance Reports
Adherence to architecture governance policies
Ensure compliance with architecture governance
Architecture Review Efficiency
Architecture Review Data
Time taken to review and approve architectural changes
Assess efficiency of architecture review processes
Architecture Documentation Quality
Documentation Reviews
Quality score of architecture documentation
Ensure completeness and accuracy of architecture documentation
Technology Stack Standardization
Technology Stack Inventory
Percentage of technologies standardised across projects
Measure level of technology standardisation
Architecture Performance
Performance Monitoring Tools
Performance metrics of architectural components
Assess performance of architectural elements
Architecture Scalability
Scalability Testing
Ability of architecture to handle increased workload
Assess scalability of architecture
Architecture Flexibility
Change Impact Analysis
Degree of adaptability of architecture to changes
Measure flexibility of architecture in accommodating changes
Architecture Security
Security Assessments
Security posture of architectural components
Assess security of architectural elements
Architecture Reusability
Component Repository
Percentage of reusable components in architecture
Measure reusability of architectural components
Architecture Interoperability
Interoperability Testing
Ability of architecture to interact with other systems
Assess interoperability of architecture with external systems
Architecture Evolution Rate
Architecture Change Requests
Rate of architectural changes and updates
Measure frequency of architecture evolution
Architecture Knowledge Sharing
Knowledge Sharing Platforms
Effectiveness of knowledge sharing within architecture teams
Assess effectiveness of knowledge sharing in architecture teams
Architecture Sustainability
Sustainability Assessments
Ability of architecture to remain effective over time
Measure sustainability of architectural solutions
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